25 Questions with Deanna DeFelice

Meet the Team

Deanna DeFelice
Project Manager, Stark / Raving Branding + Advertising

Deanna DeFelice

Deanna DeFelice is a self-proclaimed “old soul” and the newest member of the Stark / Raving team. She joined us in October 2017 as our team’s project manager – immediately keeping us all in check. But never without a smile! But her poise would be tested during our rapid-fire 25 questions. So, let’s get beyond her meticulously-kept notebook and learn what makes our newest team member tick!

S/R: How big is your family, and where are you from?
DD: I am the youngest of five, and I’m the only girl! I also have three beautiful nieces. I take pride in being the “cool aunt”. I grew up in Nashua, NH.

S/R: What school did you attend?
DD: I went to Saint Anselm College. Fun Fact: We ranked top 10 for best university dining halls in the country! #ProudHawk

S/R: Lake or Ocean?
DD: Lake. I am not a fan of the beach…who likes sandy cars?

S/R: What is your favorite food?
DD: Can I only choose one? I love a good chicken parmesan…

S/R: What did you study in college?
DD: Communication. Ironically, I’m awful at texting friends back.

S/R: Pens or pencils?
DD: Black pen only. Bic.

S/R: Do you floss?
DD: No, but my dentist thinks I do. I brush 3 times a day though!

S/R: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
DD: Time travel. I would love to go back to the moment my parents met. (Awww)

S/R: What is your favorite movie?
DD: Anything with Denzel. Specifically, Remember the Titans.

S/R: Three things in your fridge at all times?
DD: Chinese leftovers, yellow mustard, & Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer.

S/R: What is your favorite holiday?
DD: Thanksgiving. Gratitude is key.

S/R: What was your favorite subject in high school?
DD: If lunch doesn’t count, English / Literature.

S/R: City or suburbs?
DD: City. The city feeds inspiration I don’t find anywhere else.

S/R: Have you ever worn something with the intention of returning it?
DD: I have not…but never say never. Kidding, I would feel too guilty!

S/R: Do you recycle?
DD: Not as much as I should…I’m working on it!

S/R: Chicken or steak?
DD: Chicken. Rumor has it red meat isn’t good for your health.

S/R: Do you make restaurant reservations?
DD: Hardly ever…I like to live on the edge.

S/R: Do you send your food back at restaurants?
DD: Only if my food is undercooked, aside from that I (rare)ly do.

S/R: Rain or snow?
DD: Nothing better than standing in a rainstorm on a warm summer night. Snow is only welcomed on Christmas day.

S/R: Mac or PC?
DD: Mac. All the cool kids have them.

S/R: What's your nationality?
DD: Italian (if you can’t tell by my last name), Irish, & English

S/R: Night owl, or early bird?
DD: Night owl. I can adequately function on a few hours of sleep, with the help of a strong cup of coffee…or 3.

S/R: What is your favorite color?
DD: My favorite color to wear is black – it’s timeless and sophisticated. My favorite color in general is hunter green.

S/R: What is your favorite place to visit?
DD: Walt Disney World. After all, It’s the most magical place on earth!

S/R: What's your favorite kind of music?
DD: I love oldies music, specifically 60’s & 70’s. I attribute my music taste to my old soul tendencies…

Thank you Deanna! It's a pleasure having you and your old soul here at Stark / Raving.

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