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Chris Hall Architects Taps Stark / Raving for Responsive Website Redesign


Stark / Raving Branding + Advertising is pleased to announce our collaboration with Christopher Hall Architects Inc. We look forward to bringing the same level of design integrity to their online presence as they bring to each of their architectural projects.


25 Questions with Stark / Raving's Jasmine Bou-Nassif

Jasmine Bou-Nassif

We would like for you all to meet one the members of the Stark / Raving design team. Jasmine Bou-Nassif joined us in August 2017, and right away we knew she had a discerning eye for creative! But, we wanted to get to know the "real" Jasmine. So, this past week we sat down with Jasmine and asked 25 hard-hitting questions. We learned a lot! But, unfortunately Brussel sprouts will now longer appear on our lunch menu. Here's Jasmine!


Dynamo Micropower Partners with Stark/Raving Branding + Advertising for Corporate Branding Initiative

Dynamo Micropower

Dynamo Micropower is tackling the challenge of delivering high-quality, low-cost power to the oil & gas industry, even in the most remote locations. As their new branding partner, we're excited to join the effort.


Deanna DeFelice Joins Stark/Raving Branding + Advertising as Project Manager / Digital Marketing Coordinator

Deanna DeFelice

We are pleased to welcome Deanna DeFelice to Stark/Raving as our new Project Manager / Digital Marketing Coordinator. And I must say, her intense passion for Frank Sinatra has certainly changed the studio's playlist!


Join Stark / Raving on October 26th for a free professional workshop focused on brand strategy

Design Therapy

Design Therapy is a small-group roundtable discussion that gives you the opportunity to roll up your sleeves, consult with our branding experts and tackle your strategic branding challenges. We will take a deep dive to discover the core values of your brand, help spark creative thinking and identify areas for improvement.


Stark/Raving to Host MAB 16 September's Networking Event: Planning for Your Agency's Success

MAB 16

Join the founders of Boston's top design, development and marketing agencies in the sixteenth Managing an Agency Business event (MAB 16). This event will feature a panel discussion on "Planning for Your Agency's Success" with topics including creating a content calendar to drive marketing, charging clients for upfront discovery work, forecasting sales and much more. This event will feature our usual pizza and beer networking hour before and after the panel session.


Jasmine Bou-Nassif Joins Stark/Raving as Lead Designer

Jasmine Bou-Nassif

We are very happy to welcome Jasmine Bou-Nassif to Stark / Raving Branding + Advertising as the newest member of our design team! Her sophisticated design aesthetic and pure enthusiasm for this industry makes her someone we all need to watch!


Matthew Stumm and Stark/Raving are Featured in this Month's Issue of Boston Voyager

Matthew Stumm Boston Voyager

Every neighborhood in Beantown has its own vibe, style, culture and history, but what consistently amazes us is not what differentiates the various neighborhoods but rather what they all have in common. Today we’d like to introduce you to Matthew Stumm from Stark/Raving.


Welcome to our newest client: Sunwealth

Sunwealth is an innovative, tech-driven clean energy investment firm. By leveraging their deep understanding of solar with their extensive investment experience, they have developed a well-rounded portfolio of commercial solar projects that boast significant financial returns and provide high-efficiency solar power to businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. We'd like to welcome you to the Stark/Raving family.


Stark/Raving's Opens Office in Boston's Fort Point Channel Innovation District

Stark/Raving Branding + Advertising is excited to announce that we have officially moved our office to 369 Congress Street, Boston, Mass. – the heart of Fort Point Channel and Boston's Innovation District. With roots dating back to the 1700s, this historic area has dramatically transformed over the years – from a colonial fort, to the center of manufacturing and warehousing, and today it's New England's largest artist enclave and a burgeoning center for innovation. We are very excited to call this neigborhood home!


Stark/Raving founder speaks with Clubhouse to discuss "What Your Designers Want You To Know"

A few developers working hard can get a lot done, but it takes a well-rounded team with different skills and roles to build and grow a successful software product and company. But all too often, we find that our teams or team members are working in silos, not fully understanding what others are doing (or why). With this series, we’ll be digging into the various members of your team to help you understand and work better with them all.


DRG partners with Stark/Raving to Launch their Patient-Centric Marketing Methodology Product Suite

Decision Resources Group (DRG) is a global information and technology services company that provides proprietary data and solutions to the healthcare industry. They bring together best-in-class companies to provide end-to-end solutions to complex challenges in healthcare – enabling their customers to see market opportunities.


Simpson Gumpertz & Heger taps Stark/Raving for Symposium Series Brand Redesign

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) is a nationally recognized and highly regarded engineering firm with more than 60 years of experience designing, investigating, and rehabilitating structures, building enclosures, and materials. The firm's Create + Construct symposia bring together a slate of industry experts to explore trends in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. To launch the 2017 season, SGH reached out to Stark/Raving to reimagine the event’s brand identity.


The Affordable Insulin Project teams up with Stark/Raving for patient advocacy initiative

The number of Americans with diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and one-third of Americans with diabetes need insulin daily. However, limited healthcare coverage and higher deductibles are creating new financial pressure. To help inform this population of more affordable options for insulin, DPAC tapped Stark/Raving to create a campaign that empowers patients to take action and affect change.


Globoforce engages Stark/Raving for agile digital strategy to drive registration for WorkHuman 2017

Globoforce pioneered WorkHuman, an annual conference created to galvanize organizations and leaders worldwide to create a more human workplace. With an all-star lineup of celebrities and industry thought leaders, Globoforce engaged with Stark/Raving to help drive a record number of registrations for their 2017 event.

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